Our passion is design. It pushes us to create fresh artworks. We want our designs to represent our identity as a Filipino. We first began by designing Filipino-inspired shirts with a vision of preserving the Filipino culture and spreading it worldwide. We want this culture to be passed on to the next generation by imprinting it on quality shirts. We think that a simple shirt with a well-crafted design can create a positive ripple effect of change, especially to the wearer and to those who catch a glimpse of it. Also, we aim to give opportunities and platform to Filipino artists who does not only have a creative mind but a passion to their craft.

Our shirts are available online and can ship absolutely anywhere in the world.

Creating Filipino-inspired shirts is just the beginning. Hopefully, with your support, we can reach more people, and create bigger projects in the future.

Got a story to tell? Hit us up. We'd love to collaborate with you or your organization, most especially if you share the same advocacy.